The Little Dream Mixer

Little Minni is adventurous, full of energy and earnestly desires to be a real dream mixer very soon. She attends school to learn this traditional handcraft. For this, she has to mix different dreams for several children.
Normally “dream mixers” are invisible to humans. But Minni is an exception. When she mixed her first dream for a boy named Ben, she mixed a mistake.
Ben woke up and discovered Minni in his nursery. Since this accident, she can talk with kids. And she loves it, because she considers it important to learn as much as she can about humans, in order to mix very special dreams for them. And who knows, maybe Minni will someday come around and mix you your dream!
A TV-Show for kids from 3 to 6 years, and anyone else who wants to know where our dreams come from! In development since spring 2015.

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