Founded in May 2000, we develop and realize animated movie productions in 2D and 3D, but also digital visual effects for commercials, cinemas, television and new digital media. With our offices located in Hamburg and Warnemünde, we have successfully been involved in the production of many theatrical motion pictures, several series and a large number of commercials. Our specialty is Character Animation. But we are always looking for new challenges and constantly expand our skills. Due to our unique combination of fictional and commercial projects we have a lot of experience in all aspects of animation production.



Our creative services span from concept creation to final production. Talented in-house artists and a large pool of freelancers allow us to assemble the perfect team for every project. A large number of work stations for 3D and compositing plugged into a bold render farm let us tackle even the most ambitious projects. Several editing and grading suites connected to a 3D capable cinema provide a comfortable environment to work closely with our clients.